Project Description
40FINGERS Windows8 Pin is a DotNetNuke Module that will enable pinning of your website to the Windows 8 Start Screen.

It's there! Microsoft has officially launched Windows 8. The world will soon be flooded with the Windows 8 Start screen and everyone will learn to love it.

It's only a matter of time before webmasters will want to allow their visitors to pin their website as a real Tile to the Start screen:

Windows8Pin Example Start Screen Tile

While Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) does allow the user to "Pin" any website to the start screen, the webmaster will probably want to control what image will be used for the tile and what description will be proposed, not being the current page title.
To solve these issues, 40FINGERS has created the Windows 8 Pin Module for DotNetNuke.

Off course, you can try this on the 40FINGERS homepage.

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